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A message from DLBN owner & founder, Shawn Bishop:

April 14, 2018
Hello to all the fine progressive rock fans of the universe! Itís Shawn Bishop here, your friendly neighbourhood Bishie. I wanted to let everyone know that after a lot of pondering and soul searching, I have decided that after 18 years of broadcasting, at the end of this month The Dividing Line Broadcast Network will see its final broadcast for a significant amount of time.

Due to the progression of my life in new and wonderful directions I find I no longer have the time the station requires to maintain from financial, technical and administrative standpoints. In reality I have been putting this off for several years thinking Iíd be able to dedicate some time just to jump start things, but as I continue to move through the years I realize with some resignation that itís just not possible at present. Rather than a goodbye I choose to consider this as a respite as perhaps if my path leads me to a space where I have more time I shall return to the world of DLBN and bring it back in some form. But for the time being I think itís finally time for DLBN to sail into the sunset of happy memories.

When DLBN started the only type of internet connection everyone knew was dialling up on our modems, seriously! There was no other stations doing what we were doing in the beginning. But now the digital landscape has completely transformed into a land of endless content sources to sate your every desire! Many of these are run by DLBN alumni and other talented broadcasters. I encourage you to all check out:

Iím super attached to DLBN for countless reasons, not least of which is that itís been a personal expression of musical discovery and companionship with likeminded people throughout my adult life. There are so many people to thank for DLBNís 18 year run that thereís no way that I could list them all here, but I will try my best and if I miss your name please know that your contributions ARE in my brain and shall be forever cherished.

DLBNís Fine Broadcasters: First and foremost, DLBN has been nothing more than a reflection of the amazingly talented broadcasters that have spent time with us over the years. Without them and their unwavering and infectious love of music, DLBN would not have existed or endured, plane and simple. So, to all the broadcasters who have been with DLBN, past and present, I offer my sincerest and wholehearted thanks for everything youíve all done. It has been an honour knowing you and I am supremely humbled by your talents.

The Artists: We are so fortunate to be living in an age that allows for those with amazing musical talent to share it with the world. Huge thanks to all the artists out there who created and continue to create breathtakingly beautiful and powerful music to take us all away on a journey beyond our imaginations.

IZZ: Thanks to our IZZ family, a group of amazing musicians who have been huge supporters of the station since 2002 and did multiple virtual concerts for us. Particularly to the Galganos and Brems whom Iíve been fortunate enough to know the best of all the IZZ folks, your friendship and kindness has been and shall continue to be treasured. You guys and gals are the best!

Dale Mugford: Thanks to Dale Mugford for being the one to suggest the concept of launching a full time online station together back in 1999. Though he was only able to stay for a few months after DLBNís launch, his contributions cannot be overstated.

Keith Hornsby: Thanks to Keith for being the first person to step up and join a no name one man show and share a larger universe of music with the world.

Jim Harrel: Thanks especially to Jim Harrel (PapaJ!) who brought DLBN from a random website with a few listeners to the next level of popularity.

Thanks to Frans Keylard for throwing it down week after week bringing DLBN valuable relationships with record labels and artists alike.

Vince & Jane Font: Two truly wonderful people who went above and beyond with helping the station run and flourish in countless ways. My life is richer for knowing them both as our friendship blossomed beyond the confines of music. Also, even though Jane hated cats back in the day, now she has one which is freakin awesome!!

Eric Brooks: 16 years of ďCriticís CarnivalĒ with your host CarnivalMan! The steadfast assurance of his listener roll calls were a source of comfort for me in this ever changing world. They have bee deeply missed since his recent hiatus began.

Shawn Kirkpatrick: Our fearless server administrator since 2002 who put up with god knows how many emails from me at 2am requesting help when my technical knowledge wasnít cutting it (which was a lot in those early days). Not to mention, he coded the scripts that run the station!

Alistair Henry: My best friend of 19 years who put in many hours of content creation above and beyond broadcasting. He spent years helping to manage the station, wrote technical manuals and how to guides as well as put in a ton of time on the new website which never saw the light.

Rene Young: Thanks to Rene Young who has been my valued partner in everything DLBN related since 2002. While he spent countless hours on multiple iterations of the website with regards to creation and maintenance, his most valued contributions were his thoughts, advice and direction throughout the years of DLBNís life. Weíve broadcast together, seen endless concerts together, traveled together and even presented onstage together. I am super thankful to have had his friendship and guidance throughout the years. Thanks Rene!!!

You!: Lastly and most importantly, thanks to you, the listeners! You are the reason we continued to broadcast for so long. Without your unwavering support and encouragement weíd have had no reason to continue. Like I said before, this is not a goodbye, just an ďUntil next time!Ē Maybe when I retire and have more time on my hands and we all have weird internet streaming technology implanted behind our eyeballs you might see DLBNís logo reappear once again! On a personal note Iíd also like to thank the many supportive listeners for my show Behind The Lines. BTL was a chronicle of the station, my own journey of broadcasting and musical discovery as well as a journal of sorts for my own life. Thank you to all who joined me throughout the years!

So ends my long note. I raise my glass high to everyone and thank you all for joining and creating an amazing thing thatís so much more than a station, but a forum and a community. I have no doubt that it shall continue with great strength and resilience in the future wherever that might take us. I bow before you all! So, for one last time, from the heart of downtown Vancouver British Columbia Canada, this is Shawn Bishop aka ďThe BishieĒ sayiníÖ. seeeeeeeeyaaa!

~ Shawn

PS: Also, did I mention Jane Font has a cat now? I did, and thatís still awesome!


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with our broadcast & web server located in Montreal.
The Dividing Line is intended for a Canadian audience.


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