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The Dividing Line Broadcast Network

mIRC / ChatZilla users -

Chat Web Interface

More Information on The Dividing Line Chat

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) has been such a popular pastime for listeners of The Dividing Line that we have created our own individual IRC network known as DLNet (DL=Dividing Line). This is a place where all the people associated with The Dividing Line, listeners and DJ's  hang out. Communication between everyone adds a new element to the enjoyable experience of the shows. This is also where you can easily request a song and view "Now Playing" information.

You can either chat through the website interface above, or through any regular IRC client.

When you connect to the channel you will most likely see a user by the name of "SarahJane". Please note that she is not an actual person but rather an automatic "bot" used to assist in the administration of the channel.

In order to chat using an IRC client you need to have some sort of IRC software.  We recommend mIRC which can be downloaded at

Basically IRC works like this:

Everyone on the network is connected to a central IRC server which connects everybody together. In the case of DLNet, the server in question is As stated above, this is a server which hosts connections from anywhere in the world. Once you are connected to the IRC Server (, you need to join a chat room (channel). The channel that you will find other listeners on is #dividingline.

IRC Client settings:

More information about mIRC can be found on the mIRC website at